About the moneylaundering.fi web service

The moneylaundering.fi web service was introduced in December 2020.


The address of the moneylaundering.fi web service is moneylaundering.fi. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the service, and it is maintained by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of the Interior, the Finnish Bar Association, the Border Guard, Finnish Customs, the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland, the Financial Supervisory Authority, the Tax Administration, the Finnish Patent and Registration Office, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The web service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

The front page provides news about the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. It also highlights topical themes related to the prevention of money laundering.

The ‘Current issues’ section features press releases and more detailed articles on money laundering and the fight against terrorist financing. This section also provides answers to frequently asked questions on the topic.

The ‘Background’ section presents the phenomena of money laundering and terrorist financing.

The ‘Preventive measures’ section contains information on the roles of various stakeholders, legislation, financial sanctions and freezing of funds, along with international cooperation to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

The ‘Do the right thing’ section offers guidelines for obliged entities, customers, travellers and businesses. It also explains how to report suspicious transactions or suspected terrorist financing.

The ‘Contact information’ section provides the contact details of all organisations involved in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.

The search function, contact information, feedback form and site map can be accessed from all pages.



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If you have any questions or wish to submit feedback about the moneylaundering.fi web service, please use this form. Remember to provide your contact information (email address) on the form. Otherwise, we will not be able to respond. Our preferred channel of communications is email. 

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